Many times we underestimate the impact that even the tiniest details have on our perception of others. There is someone who truly understands this... knockout Sofía Vergara! She not only had to fight and work hard to reach the great success she has now, but she also had to make a radical change to her hairstyle!

This Is What Sofía Vergara Looks Like As A Blonde!

We all identify the gorgeous Colombian actress with her long and wavy dark hair, however, before this iconic look of hers, she proudly donned blonde hair! For Sofía Vergara, her career began when she was discovered on the beaches of her native Colombia. She was quickly recruited to appear in a Pepsi campaign that was a great success throughout Latin America. The next logical step for her was to move to Miami to pursue a career in the United States.

However, despite getting roles in soap operas and more commercials, Vergara realized that finding different roles for her, a Latina woman was not going to be so easy. Especially since she was a blonde woman with slightly paler skin who did not fit the Latina stereotype that was so ingrained in Hollywood.

Vergara On Latina Steroptypes

In her own words, according to Fox Sofía said, "It was ignorance: They thought every Latin person looks like Salma Hayek. The moment I dyed my hair dark, it was, 'Oh, she's the hot Latin girl.'"

As time went on, the Modern Family star Sofía has returned to lightening her hair on rare occasions but has never fully gone back to the blonde she had when she began her career. So while it is not ideal to cave into ignorant industry standards as she sees it, it was still a necessity that ultimately paid off for the sta. 

Today, some of Hollywood's highest-paid television and film stars are the Latinas who have become some of the most influential in the entertainment industry!

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