This Is Why Charlize Theron's Mother Shot Her Father

THIS is why Charlize Theron's mother shot her father...
May 23, 2021 - 16:32 / Cynthia Springer

Charlize Theron is best known for her roles in major films like The Italian Job, Monster and Hancock. What many don't know: her mother shot her father while she was just a teenager. Find out the details of this fatal event in the video above...

Charlize Theron may have acted in numerous amount of serious roles, but one of the most serious events that had occurred in her life was the death of her father. Yet, she has recently explained to the radio station, NPR, that her father was a "very sick man", so much that her and her mother were living in a "pretty hopeless situation"... find out more in the video above.

Charlize Theron's father was shot when she was a teenager

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