"Maestro John, Transport Us."

Through The Years With John Williams

Director Steven Spielberg once said "Without John Williams, bikes don't really fly, nor do brooms in Quidditch matches, nor do men in red capes. There is no Force. Dinosaurs do not walk the earth. We do not wonder. We do not weep. We do not believe."

John Williams has given a musical voice to the childhoods of billions and he may be the sole reason why Hollywood still uses orchestral musical scores. He even gave the Holocaust a musical voice despite his opinion that he was not good enough to do so. Did you know these fun facts about the famous composer?:

  • In the 1950s, he was drafted into the US Air Force and served for four years. As one might expect, he played, conducted, and arranged music for the band during his service.
  • At the Oscars on eight separate occasions, he has been nominated twice in the same category.
  • Besides his achievements at the Academy Awards, he has more Golden Globe nominations than anyone except Meryl Streep.
  • He was awarded the National Medal of Arts in 2009 at the White House.
  • In 2019, he retired from composing for the Star Wars franchise after over forty years.
  • His son Joseph is the lead singer in the band Toto. Their most famous songs are Africa, Hold the Line and Rosanna.
  • The late Kobe Bryant was a fan just like the rest of the world. He used John Williams' music to walk onto the basketball court and employed the composer for his Oscar-winning short animated film Dear Basketball.
  • John Williams married his first wife, Barbara Ruick, in 1956. She died in 1974 but in 1980, he married photographer Samantha Winslow.

Watch the video above to learn about the life and achievements of this legendary filmmaker.

Through The Years With John Williams

Through The Years With John Williams