• Roberto Benigni is the most celebrated Italian filmmaker and actor of his day
  • He is best known for Life is Beautiful
  • Roberto Benigni is still active in the industry today

Roberto Benigni began to achieve some relative success in show business in the mid-1970s with his monologues in Cioni Mario fu Gaspare di Giulia. In 1977, he made his acting debut in Berlinguer, ti voglio bene, directed by his friend Giuseppe Bertolucci.

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Roberto Benigni Continues To Be A Force In Italian Cinema

Through The Years With Roberto Benigni

In 1983, he made his directorial debut with Tu mi turbi. He  participated in projects with Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, Jean Reno and even took the place of Peter Sellers in the sequel Son of the Pink Panther. But international recognition came in 1997, with his version of the Jewish holocaust in Life is Beautiful...

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