They tied the knot in 2017...

'Tiger King': Meet "Joe Exotic's" Husband Dillon Passage!

Netflix's 'Tiger King' Is Your New True Crime Obsession

Tiger King star Joe Exotic has been married to Dillon Passage since 2017. They tied the knot after being together for two months! Find out more about the former tiger breeder's husband below...

Joseph Maldonado-Passage has been breaking the news since his Netflix show Tiger King was released on Netflix in March. Much has been said about the former zoo operator and tiger breeder, who is currently serving 22 years in prison after being convicted of murder-for-higher plot, among other charges.

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But what about his personal life? Did you know "Joe Exotic" is married? Let's find out more about his husband Dillon Passage, who has been supporting him the past few years.


Meet "Joe Exotic's" husband Dillon Passage

Joseph Maldonado-Passage tied the knot with then 22-year-old Dillon Passage in 2017. They got married just two months after "Joe Exotic's" former husband Travis Maldonado passed away during an accident involving a firearm, which occurred in front of the Tiger King star's zoo employee.

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When Joseph and Dillon met, the latter was living in Austin, Texas. After being together for two months, they moved together to Gulf Breeze, Florida. Dillon Passage has been supporting his husband over the past few months. In Netflix' docuseries Tiger King, he said that his husband's energy is just so strong, and when he proposed to me it was just something I couldn't think about."

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Joe Exotic and Dillon Passage are still together

Dillon Passage recently took to Instagram to reveal that he and Joe Exotic are still married, although he made it clear his social media platform "isn't used for any Joe things."

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On another post, a Dillon fan made reference to the fact that his wedding ring does not appear in one of the pictures he posted. Passage simply replied that it was "on the other hand."

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