Another TikTok challenge has taken over, and Harry Potter actor Tom Felton is recruiting his onscreen dad, Jason Isaacs, to participate in the hilarious challenge.

The challenge calls for people to do their best British impersonation of the way characters pronounce "Harry Potter," specifically the last name. Felton called on Isaacs to take part, and the result is awesome!

Tom Felton recruits Jason Isaacs in TikTok challenge

The 33-year-old actor, best known for his role as "Draco Malfoy" in the hit series Harry Potter, and fans of the film have taken to the popular social media platform, TikTok, to impersonate the actor in the way he says "Potter."

Tom Felton is photographed during the 60th BFI London Film Festival.

Dubbed the #PottahChallenge, Felton called on his onscreen dad, Jason Isaacs, who plays "Lucius Malfoy," to join him in the hilarious moment.

"So I called my father, Mr. Malfoy," Felton says in the video. "Malfoy Senior, Jason Isaacs. And I say, 'Do you want to get involved in this #PottahChallenge?' He's like, 'Yeah, I've been hearing about this #DracoTok thing, what's it?"

"And I thought, 'This will be perfect, I'll get him involved in the challenge,'" he continued in the video. "'What's it about? Father, I am searching the world for the very best Pottah out there, you know.' And he was game."

Felton then continued that he's not sure Isaacs totally understood the challenge, before showing a string of clips of Isaacs calling out for the "next 'Harry Potter.'"

The two have seemingly remained close since the series ended almost ten years ago. Just last month, Isaacs tweeted a sweet happy birthday message to Felton, saying, "In these strangest of dark days you’re always a ray of light to me. Thanks for making mischief, music and magic for this fan."

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