Tom Holland was over the moon when he found out he would be cast as the new "Spider-Man," although the way he learned he got the job was a bit unconventional!

Normally one would get a phone call from their soon-to-be boss, but for Holland, the news came from social media, causing a stir of excitement and a broken laptop!

Tom Holland reveals how he learned he was "Spider-Man"

Tom Holland is recalling the unusual way he learned he got the job, and remembers the moment he learned he was going to be the famous "Spider-Man"!

Tom Holland attends the "Onward" UK Premiere.

Reacting in a way many of us would, Holland revealed the immense excitement he felt when he learned when he knew he was going to be a part of the massive Marvel superhero universe.

Speaking with fellow Marvel actor Daniel Kaluuya for Variety's "Actors on Actors" series, Holland revealed how over the top the moment was when he learned he'd be "Spider-Man" while scrolling Instagram.

"I got my computer, and my dog was sitting next to me," he explained. "I type in 'Marvel.' I've still got the article saved on my computer. It said, 'We would like to introduce our new Spider-Man, Tom Holland.'"

After seeing the news, Holland revealed he broke his laptop and thoroughly freaked his dog out.

"I broke my computer," he said. "because I flipped it up in the air. It fell off my bed, my dog went nuts."

His younger brother, Harry, was a bit skeptical over the situation, as the news broke right around the time that SONY got hacked.

"[Harry] was like, 'No. There's no way that's real. They would have called you. They've been hacked,'" he laughed.

"And then the studio called me and gave me the news. It was so bizarre how it happened," he said.

Holland also revealed that the process of auditioning for the role took 7 months, and it was arduous, to say the least.

"I must've done six auditions, and they don't tell you anything. You're waiting and waiting, and then, eventually, I got a screen test in Atlanta," he revealed.

Auditioning with Robert Downey Jr. was one experience he said helped him with his part, adding that despite being told to "stick to the script," the two were "riffing off each other," making the audition the "best he'd ever done."

Despite that, the silence following his final audition didn't give Holland much hope.

"Six weeks go by and I didn't hear anything, so I predicted that I didn't get it. And there were all these polls online, and I was definitely not the favourite to get the part from the public," he said.

After shooting Captain America: Civil War, Holland said that he went months with no contact from anyone, as was convinced that he was fired.

"I don't know why. I can't really explain it — it was awful," he shared. "But they didn't [fire me], obviously. It's been crazy ... it's been the most wild roller coaster, but I've loved it. I've loved every minute of it. It's been amazing."

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