After all was said and done, a few days later, a total of 10 victims were confirmed dead as a direct result of what happened at the concert, among which were children. Medical examiners with the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences in Houston had to wait several weeks following the show for additional test results before making final reports on the causes of death.

The official report is now in: the 10 victims died from compression asphyxia, officials announced Thursday. The youngest victim of this tragedy was a nine year-old boy, and the others ranged in age from 14 to 27 years old. As a result, dozens of lawsuits have been filed against Scott and concert organizers!

Travis Scott Concert Victims: Cause of Death Revealed!

Travis Scott Concert Victims: Cause of Death Revealed!

Scott and producers of the show are now the central focus of a criminal investigation that alleges more could have been done by the staff, and indeed, by Scott himself who had the opportunity to stop the show before things got out of hand. However, investigators are also looking into Scott's social media posts before the concert, that seemed to call for violence and debauchery during his performance.

So far, no formal charges have been filed, and there is no set end date for the investigation as of yet. Scott's attorney reached out to the families of the 10 who died, offering to pay for their loved ones' funeral costs. Several families turned down the offer, feeling that criminal negligence was at play.

As it turns out, the 56-page safety protocols manual the concert was guided by, had no provisions or plan in place for what to do in the event of a crowd surge, and prosecutors will be looking to use that as ammunition against concert organizers.

Let's see how this story develops as the investigation unfolds! 

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