Twitter users can be known for being strongly opinionated when it comes to their favourite celebrities, but a new study has turned this subjectivity into actual data! According to People, the study conducted by Bose and Currys PC World revealed that Shakira, Kanye West, and Drake garnered the most negative Twitter comments. 

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Dr. Mark Duffet, who was involved in the study's creation, had this to say in his analysis regarding the Twitter community. "Social media is not just a tool that allows fans to communicate. It is an environment within which some fan communities live. What people do together helps build their sense of communal identity".

Harry Styles attends The 2020 BRIT Awards on February 18, 2020.

Twitter's most hated music artists... and their most loved!

The entire study wasn't skewed towards negativity, however. It also revealed that some of the most positively received celebrities on the social media platform are Harry Styles, Camila Cabello, and Lady Gaga. Tweets about Styles were discovered to be 96 percent positive, with 95 percent positive tweets for both Cabello and Lady Gaga.

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The study also looked at which artists were most frequently mentioned on Twitter. It found that Justin Bieber led the pack with a whopping 107 million mentions, followed by Rihanna with 93,900,000, and Taylor Swift with 84,900,000.

See the full results of the study, titled "Music Fandom on Social Media", here!