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The Untold Truth About Elizabeth Taylor

These are Elizabeth Taylor's untold truths...

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most well-known and loved actresses for decades in the film industry. From starting as a child actress of the 1940s and continuing her acting success as an adult woman in the 60's, we're sharing some of the untold truths on the life of actress Elizabeth Taylor in the video above. 

In 1999, Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor was named seventh-greatest female screen legend by the American Film Institute. Yet, her life growing into such a beautiful, successful actress wasn't all diamonds and roses in the beginning, but rather plagued by abuse. Find out what Elizabeth Taylor revealed before her passing in 2011...


Elizabeth Taylor poses for a glamour shot in 1949.

Actress Elizabeth Taylor had revealed some shocking truths about her life

The double Oscar winner's childhood wasn't always a happy one. In the late nineties, Taylor confessed in an interview with ABC that her early success sparked anger with her father. She explained that he became abusive when he drank alcohol. Later, when she had children of her own, she made peace with her father, she recalled...

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