Scheana Shay at the iHeart Radio Music Awards on March 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA.

Vanderpump Rules' Sheana Shay VS. Editing

Hilariously awkward Scheana Shay has been complaining to anyone and everyone about her unfair edit on the show Vanderpump Rules. She admits "I can be annoying at times, that's why it's entertaining," and that only her awkward and boy crazy moments are shown while she has had other ventures that are not. 

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So an editor of the show Vanderpump Rules took to a podcast to defend her editing, accidentally confessing to exactly what Scheana suspected. On the Twisted Plot Podcast Bri Dellinger said "If Scheana knew what was good for her, she'd befriend me because my favorite game is finding all the embarrassing things that Scheana does and putting them all in.

She said that Scheana had "short-term memory loss" because they had in fact shown a lot of her projects and interests saying "We've shown a lot of her story... I understand why she's bitter in some ways. You know, we do poke fun at her, but she's just so funny." During the interview, Bri sadly explained how poorly the show staff is treated by the cast members "They don't really think about or talk to us at all."

The Cast of 'Vanderpump Rules'.

Bri Dellinger Fired From Vanderpump Rules Crew Following Podcast Comments

Scheana got wind of the podcast and immediately alerted Bravo's Andy Cohen. Since then editor Bri Dellinger has been fired from the show for her comments!

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She wrote in a letter to the Reality TV Therapist website: "To any of the cast members who wanted me out: I'm out! To the critics who have made it their mission to get me fired: you succeeded in your short-sighted mission and solved nothing. I've been removed from the show I love and, while it is a heart-break for me because I genuinely loved editing this show, it will not ruin me professionally, nor will it change the editing of the show at all."

To be fair, Bri is probably right. Scheana is just too awkward and hilarious to not show her weird moments. What a quick turn around!