Not always a "happily ever after" ending

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are struggling in their marriage, despite it being less than a year after tying the knot.

Before the wedding bells rang, the couple had overcome infidelity problems - or so they thought. Despite navigating through the affair as a couple, and going through with the wedding, Taylor finds himself struggling to settle down.

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright attends the People's Choice Awards 2018 

As we see on Vanderpump Rules this season, Taylor frequently lashes out at friends and those that are trying to support him, including his southern belle, Cartwright. 

On Tuesday's episode, tensions rise when Taylor rage texts his co-stars on who can - and can't - attend his pool party. This results in Tom Sandoval throwing a party at the exact same time for those uninvited.


"This whole thing is petty. Jax, I just can't help but feel like if you wouldn't have done that stupid rage text that you sent to Max, none of this would have happened," Cartwright admits to her hubby.

"I love that this is all my fault," Jax argues. "I'm gonna go to the gym." 

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Have not done a vain gym selfie in awhile so here it is, but the reason I am doing this is because I've been busting my ass at @litmethod and eating healthy with my wife's, as she calls it, "home made cooking" we call it-(@realhomechef) I am weighing in at around 195 give or take, like to get down to 190 but not gonna put pressure on it. I am not gonna bullshit ya I still eat plenty of junk food, I just work out a bit harder. We are approaching holiday season and we all know what that means, so many holiday gatherings and a lot of delicious dangerously good food!! Get ahead of it if you can. ‍♂️have a great night everyone, don't forget to post those gym selfies and be proud of who you are and what you are accomplishing. Take care of you first! ✝️ Side note: ( people are asking what my pre work out is. I do not take pre work out because it gives me a major headache and the shakes so I was drinking coffee but even that was given me too much jitters, I have now switched to @reignbodyfuel tastes amazing, no shakes and full of vitamins) NOT AN AD!! just trying to let ya know what my routine is. Good luck!

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In a confessional, Taylor admits that it was the third time going to the gym that day, to avoid confrontations at home. He says that it's to make sure he doesn't say something he'll regret, but to his wife, it's a painful reminder of how he avoided her, before sleeping with a SUR waitress.


"I feel like when Jax did cheat on me, I didn't see very much of him, or he would try to be gone from the house a lot," Cartwright says in a confessional.

"It just almost feels a little repetitive of things that we've been through in the past. I don't want it to ever get that bad again," she continued.

Taylor also admits, "I've got a beautiful wife, a beautiful home. And on paper, I look like I hit the lottery. But I'm still not happy."

"I'm scared," Jax says. "I'm emotional as f—, and I feel like I'm gonna take it out on Brittany."

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air every Tuesday.