Many Hollywood actors change their looks from role to role, while others make a particular style their trademark. In the latter category, Vin Diesel is no doubt one of the most recognizable stars to make a bald head part of his signature look.

Vin Diesel with hair? You won't believe how he looks!

Since his debut in the industry, Vin Diesel, 53, has rocked a shaven style, so it's difficult to imagine him with a full mane today. Clearly, the popular actor is not completely bald and there have been times when he has grown his hair out. But these images are definitely rare.

Vin Diesel with hair in Find Me Guilty, 2006 movie.

The image above is none other than Mr. Diesel in one of his few roles requiring hair. It's the 2006 movie Find Me Guilty, in which he plays "Jackie DiNorscio," a mobster who has been sentenced to 30 years in prison. Would you even have recognized him with that hair?

The following image is from the movie The Last Witch Hunter, where Diesel played "Kaulder," a knight condemned to eternal life by a witch. The unique hairstyle is one thing, but the beard gives him a whole other personality.

Vin Diesel with hair in The Last Witch Hunter, 2015 movie.

In addition to these characters, some photographs of the Chronicles of Riddick actor pre-fame have emerged, showing healthy curly hair. Regardless, his recognizable style no doubt contributes to his stardom as an action hero.

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