Football legend Wayne Rooney has been swept up in another scandal. 

Wayne Rooney Blackmailed

The ex-England player Wayne Rooney has had a few run-ins with scandal and now the family man and father of 4 has been caught in another one. The BBC has reported that Wayne has gone to the Greater Manchester Police department to report being blackmailed.

The world recognizable star was captured on camera partying with a few gorgeous young blondes including a Snapchat model celebrating a 21st birthday. He then joined the girls in the wee hours of the morning to a £60 a night hotel in Manchester.

Wayne Rooney in 2021.

The Dailymail got a hold of countless photos taken that night including images of Wayne leaned in close with one of the women and asleep in a chair while fully dressed in the room. He has apparently been blackmailed with more photos of the late-night and left the hotel "angry" the next morning.

The mother of one of the girls told the Dailymail, "They're 21 and he's nearly 40. He's invited them over. He sent over a security guard to invite them over to his VIP booth. It's upset them all. They're in tears. She's a good girl and comes from a decent family. They thought they were being funny but I've told them it was absolutely stupid. I feel awful for them but I'm also angry because they've been stupid."

Wayne Rooney's family at the England v USA International Friendly match at Wembley Stadium, London in 2018.

His wife of over 10 years and the mother of his 4 children is reportedly standing by him and believes his side of the story claiming nothing inappropriate happened with the young ladies and that they had taken photos of him asleep without his consent. One video of him in the hotel room with the ladies has been viewed almost 200,000 times in just a few hours.