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'Weird Science': Kelly LeBrock Today

Kelly LeBrock is definitely one of those actresses who are difficult to forget, not only because of her beauty but also because of her impressive acting skills. Born in New York but raised in London, she is 59 years old today, but she rose to fame when she was only 24 for her role in the film The Woman in Red. As of today she has starred in tons of phenomenal projects including the films Weird Science in 1985, and Hard to Kill in 1990, the latter alongside Steven Seagal who was her partner from 1987 to 1996.

Kelly LeBrock has not only pursued her acting career in the past few years. In fact she was one of the most successful supermodels during the 1980's and has been an active philanthropist for many years. However, her life has not always been perfect. The actress had a close relationship with her parents Harold Arthur Le Brock, and Mary Cecilia, French-Canadian and Irish, respectively. So it is not a surprise that one of the most difficult situations she had to struggle with in the past was her father's death.

This is Kelly LeBrock's surrogate father Gene Wilder

It is hard to imagine how it would be to lose someone that close. It was probably very hard for Kelly LeBrock to deal with her loss as she had to appear on screen portraying very different moods at the same time. But one thing that helped her in the emotional recovery process was the support of his friend, co-star, and acting mentor, Gene Wilder, who eventually became her surrogate father, according to IMDB.

Gene Wilder and Kelly LeBrock shared credits in The Woman in Red as "Theodore" and "Charlotte." Their on screen connection was actually very natural since it also existed in real life. Gene Wilder, who is also known for his portrayal of "Willy Wonka" in the 1971 film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, passed away in 2016 from complications of Alzheimer's disease at the age of 83. He and Kelly LeBrock remained close friends until his death. "Gene was more than a co-star to me, he is my father in film. I loved him and Gilda (Gene's wife) deeply. I cry with every word," said Kelly LeBrock after Wilder's passing. 

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