She is now 59 years old!

'Weird Science': This Is Kelly LeBrock's Net Worth

Kelly LeBrock: This is her net worth

Kelly LeBrock got her start in the entertainment industry with her role in The Woman in Red. The actress and model has since gone on to have a very successful career. This is how much she is worth... 

Kelly LeBrock had a very successful career during the 1980's and 1990's. She had starring roles in Weird Science (1985), The Woman in Red (1984), Hard to Kill (1990), Wrongfully Accused (1998) and Betrayal of the Dove (1993). She has been married three times during her life and is currently single. Kelly has three grown children at this point and we found ourselves wondering what the famous actress' net worth is today? 

Kelly LeBrock in "Weird Science".

Kelly LeBrock's Net Worth

The 59-year-old American actress has a total net worth of $2 million US. She was born in New York, New York however spent most of her childhood in Montreal, Canada and then in London, England. She has been back in the United States since she was 16 however. Her many successful film roles have earned her the great fortune of $2 million

Kelly LeBrock has never completely turned her back on the entertainment industry.

You can still find LeBrock walking some red carpets at different charity events and also promoting her new projects. Her most recent role was in the 2019 film Charlie Boy where she plays the role of "Donna." She is still very thankful and very fond of her surrogate father, Gene Wilder which she mentions still to this day.