Wendy Williams is bringing out her claws, but this time against her own family! The TV talk show host is clapping back at her brother, Tommy, over their disagreements surrounding their mother's funeral.

In the midst of their mother's death, the two can't seem to see eye to eye, and Tommy Williams called out his sister for allegedly not going to her own mother's funeral.

Wendy Williams fights back

Wendy Williams is clapping back at her brother, Tommy, for his accusations that she didn't attend their mother's funeral. 

It was posted to Instagram that she wasn't there for the event, and he slammed his sister for her behaviour.

TV personality Wendy Williams poses in the VIP Lounge during the 2017 Global Citizen Forum.

Wendy took the opportunity on her show to fire back at her brother and addressed the allegations.

"My mother always said, 'Stand by your family and your sisters,'" Tommy said in his Instagram video.

"But what makes somebody not go to their mother’s funeral?… I don’t understand not giving a salute to the one person who was always there and showed you support," he continued.

"I don’t understand how a person cannot go to a funeral and hold up the one person or the family member that you do have, the parent that you do have left, and just move on," he added. "I don’t understand how to keep loving somebody who could cause that type of pain."

Tommy continued, "She spends time doing what she wants to do, that’s why I’m caught up in my thoughts because why wouldn’t you come to your mother’s funeral? Why?"

Tommy also added that Wendy's ex-husband attended the funeral, saying that he "appreciated" that gesture since there's no "malice" left there. But despite his sister being a public figure, Tommy shares that she is "a child of somebody’s as well. She’s a sister. She’s an aunt. She’s a mother. And it’s all laid out on stage."

Wendy called her brother out on her Monday show alluding to the fact that her brother has a "poor character."

"He’s pegging me to being a person that I am not," she said. 

"Honey, you don’t want me to start pegging you for being the person that you are," she clapped back. "With full-blown receipts. I could fill the audience with receipts, with the leftovers all the way around the block."

"Do you know that I have better feelings for my ex-husband, Kevin, than I do for my own brother? Now, you know that’s saying something," she hit back. 

"He’s got a blog for this and a blog for that, and then one where he needs Jesus and he goes all Kumbaya, and then he goes back… to talking about me," she said.

"There is nothing that you could say about me that either I haven’t already said in my 35-plus years, that you’ve been jealous of, of holding this microphone," she said, concluding that on January 30th there will be a Lifetime special where fans and audience members can learn more about her and her life.

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