Who Is Lucy Boynton? 10 Interesting Facts About The Actress

Who Is Lucy Boynton?
January 17, 2021 - 18:05 / Rachel Johnson

Who is Lucy Boynton? Born January 17, 1994 in NYC, British-American actress, Lucy Boynton has found success at a young age. Make sure to check out 10 interesting facts about the actress in the video above. 

Who is Lucy Boynton? The British-American actress would be inspired to start acting after watching the 1991 film My Girl, and Lucy’s first role would come when she was just 12 years old as “Beatrix Potter” in the film Miss Potter.

Make sure to check out more interesting facts about the young actress by watching the video. 

Who Is Lucy Boynton?

Lucy Boynton in 2006