Whoopi Goldberg isn't hiding the fact she tried her very best to ensure fair treatment while filming the iconic '90s film Sister Act

The actress and comedian is revealing some behind-the-scenes details on how she ensured everyone was getting the treatment they deserved!

Whoopi Goldberg gets "sick" on set

In her latest interview with Vulture, Whoopi is not only getting awarded the second-ever Honorary Degree of Master of Culture, but she's also getting real about her time as an actress, specifically on the set of Sister Act

During her interview, Whoopi recalls a time when the nuns on set seemed discontented, and she made sure to take matters into her own hands.

"The ladies hadn't gotten everything I thought they should have gotten — the nuns," she shared. "They were older women. They were women who I felt… should be able to go and have dinner and not be worried about paying hotels or whatever it was."

She then went on to explain how she "worked it out" to make sure they were treated fairly, sharing that she had "conveniently" gotten sick during the shoot so that production had to stop for a few days.

Denying it was a strike, Whoopi said that it just so happened she was ill while they figured out a way to compensate the women, saying, "I got sick. I would never go on strike. But if my coughing and sneezing coincided with our brief problem, but they fixed it and it was great."

She also went on to talk about the upcoming election, sharing that, no matter what happens, "We are still gonna fight these fights."

Whoopi was referring to women's rights, LGBTQ rights, and of course the Black community and everything they are facing currently. 

She then went on to recall her start in Hollywood, saying, "I didn’t realize my difference, really. I didn't realize that there were things people think I couldn't do, not because I wasn't talented, but because I was Black."

Whoopi Goldberg will be the second-ever to win the prestigious award from Vulture. 

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