• Jennifer Grey wrote a memoir
  • Her book title references Dirty Dancing
  • It comes out in May 2022

Jennifer Grey has big news: she's written a memoir! The 61-year-old actress just announced her new book, due out this May. And Dirty Dancing fans will like the title...

The Dirty Dancing reference in Jennifer Grey's book title

Dirty Dancing has to be Grey's best-known movie, and her book puts an interesting spin on its most famous quote. Her memoir is titled: Out of the Corner.

On Instagram, Grey explained: "The Urban Dictionary definition of 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' is: No one is better than you, the world deserves to see you shine, to be heard, loved, see you dance! Never let anyone hide who you are."

She continued: "Consider me officially out of the corner. Feel free to join me (because let's face it, there is no corner)."

Also interesting:

Of course, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" is the iconic quote from Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze's 1987 hit Dirty Dancing. Grey reworks the movie line to empowering new meaning in her memoir title.

Grey has also launched a website for her memoir. It comes out on May 3, and the star will address topics including Dirty Dancing and her devastating experience with plastic surgery.

Grey describes the book like this: "Distinctive, moving, and powerful, told with generosity and pluck, Out of the Corner is a memoir about a never-ending personal evolution, a coming-of-age story for women of every age."

Let's hope for some new Dirty Dancing secrets in the book. May 3!