Andy Cohen weighs in on whether or not he thinks Lindsay Lohan will be on the new series of the Real Housewives of Dubai! The new season is set to be released in 2022.

Lohan, who has been living in Dubai for the last couple of years, has been rumoured to be among the cast, but Cohen answered the burning question!

Andy Cohen wants Lindsay Lohan 

Andy Cohen, the executive producer of the Real Housewives series, gives his opinion on whether or not Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan should be involved in the first-ever overseas Housewives!

Will Lindsay Lohan Be On The First International 'Real Housewives'? Andy Cohen Weighs In

While on The Talk, Cohen shares with host Jerry O'Connell on Wednesday's episode that he'd love to include the ex-Disney star.

"Let me tell you something. It's a good idea, Jerry," he said. Unfortunately, it looks like Lohan won't be in the series, but Cohen did share a bit more about what to expect.

"It's a billionaire's playground," he said, noting that the wealth in Dubai is a lot different than what we're used to seeing in the United States series. "They're a group of friends. It's great. We haven't announced the cast yet. But we're really excited about them."

"You gotta watch what happens," Cohen continued. "It is like Vegas on steroids and the wealth there, I think, makes it something that people are going to be very curious about from the get-go."

Cohen came up with the Real Housewives concept in the original O.C. cast in 2006 and branched off with multiple other spin-offs including Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Dallas. Dubai will be the first-ever of its kind, taking place in a completely different cultural setting.

"With the desert paradise of Dubai as the backdrop, this billionaire's playground is known for its over-the-top opulence, jaw-dropping modern architecture and wild nightlife scene," Bravo syncopated the trailer. "Whether they're coasting on a private plane, running their own empires or hosting on a private island, these glamourous, successful women are ready to serve up scorching hot drama and unexpected twists."

Cohen also spoke with TMZ earlier this month, saying that "I love that idea," in regards to future seasons featuring the ex-child star. "Do you think Lindsay Lohan would do it? I would love it. I love Lindsay Lohan!"

Time will tell! No official release date for Real Housewives of Dubai, but Bravo hopes to kick it off in 2022.