Will Smith has explained his decision to film his health journey and share it on YouTube! The first episodes of Best Shape of My Life premiered on YouTube on November 8, and saw the actor speak candidly about his new approach to fitness.

Smith says that cameras "keep me accountable"

Smith shared in his docuseries that he had "serious writer's block" while working on his upcoming memoir Will, which he announced the release of earlier this year. He said that at the time he noticed he "was not feeling great mentally or physically," and wanted to do something about it. That's why Smith decided to take matters into his own hands by embarking on a quest to get back in better shape.

The actor opened up about why he wanted to document his journey with a YouTube series. He explained that "the cameras act like my sponsor and keep me accountable," calling being in front of the world with Best Shape of My Life "the greatest peer pressure there is." Smith revealed that he had two particular goals in mind he was looking to accomplish within a 20-week timeframe— losing 20 pounds and finishing writing his book.


Smith also reflected on his approach to life, sharing that he feels a "compulsive desire to constantly please others" through entertainment. He explained that he wants to make people put their focus on things that are "joyful and beautiful" instead of those that are less favourable to acknowledge. Smith's health journey will continue to be chronicled on YouTube throughout the week. His new book Will is set to be released later this month, and also sees the actor talk about his struggles with parenting