Wilmer Valderrama has celebrated his final birthday before becoming a dad.

Over the weekend, the NCIS actor turned 41 and celebrated with his pregnant fiancée, Amanda Pacheco. The birthday boy also felt the love from fans, returning today to thank them for the well wishes.

Wilmer Valderrama's birthday post with his pregnant fiancée

On Instagram, Valderrama expressed his gratitude to fans and paid tribute to his expecting fiancée in a three-picture post. "Now THIS is 41.." he wrote. "Thank you to absolutely everyone who posted and send me such beautiful messages and wishes.. by the look of these pics.. some of those wishes came true.. I love you all mucho!"

The former That '70s Show actor concluded his post with a tribute to his fiancée, Amanda, writing: "Thank you Amanda for my last bday gift before becoming a papa... you."

NCIS actor Wilmer Valderrama will be a first-time dad

Valderrama and Pacheco confirmed that they're expecting their first child together back in December, with the actor writing "It's just us 3 now" on Instagram. In early 2020, the couple also revealed that they had gotten engaged.

Valderrama currently stars on NCIS as Special Agent "Torres." Get a recap of the show's latest episode here.

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