Wilmer Valderrama was just a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show and spilled that he bought the original Vista Cruiser station wagon when That '70s Show ended. Wilmer has always been a vintage car lover, so who better to know the car!

Wilmer Valderrama Buys That '70s Show Car

The man behind That '70s Show's "Fez" was just a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show where fans got to learn what happened to the iconic station wagon! Fans will remember that in episode 1, "Red Forman" gifted a stoned "Eric Forman" the Vista Cruiser for his birthday. 

Topher Grace and Laura Prepon in 'That '70s Show'.

After that, it became the main means of transportation for the gang and one of the main hook-up spots for everyone (even "Bob and Midge"!). But what happened to the car?

Kelly Clarkson interviews Wilmer Valderrama in a creative and socially distanced way, from the windows of two epic vintage cars. It turns out that Wilmer is "really into old cars" and he even declared "that's my thing." 

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What is the name of their town?

So Kelly had to ask "Whatever happened to the station wagon from That '70s Show? Did you get it?" Wilmer replied, "Oh yeah, I got the Vista Cruiser, that's what it's called."

Wilmer Valderrama with the 'That '70s Show' car.

He went on to explain, "You know, it was towards the end of the show, we were in the last season of '70s Show and I went straight to the props department and I got, 'Listen, how much for the Vista Cruiser?' He goes, 'What? You don't want that thing.' I go, 'Yes I do.' They said 500 bucks, so I bought the Vista Cruiser for 500 bucks from our props department!"

Wilmer understands just how much the car means to the show so he said, "Honestly, it's the best thing I've ever acquired for my whole career. When I look at that car, it reminds me of when I was 17, 18 years old, booking That '70s Show and doing that opening sequence where we're just driving."

Tommy Chong and Wilmer Valderrama in 'That '70s Show'.

"And honestly, it’s gonna be in my family forever. I'm gonna put it in my will to make sure that my kids have the burden of keeping that car in the garage, you know?"

Check out Wilmer reminiscing about the Cruiser here:

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