Yoko Ono posted an article following the Disney+ release of Get Back, a documentary series showing the later years of The Beatles. In the documentary, fans get an inside look at those final years and plenty of never-before-seen footage of Ono herself.

Yoko Ono gets unusual support from Beatles fans

While normally the brunt of many Beatles hate, Yoko Ono is seen in the Disney+ documentary Get Back as just being a supportive partner to the famous John Lennon. 

Yoko Ono Makes Sure Public Knows She Didn't Break Up The Beatles!

The three-part docuseries show Ono in the studio with the famous rockstars not really paying much mind to the band, and fans quickly took notice of the false narrative surrounding Ono.

The docuseries shows a different side of The Beatles and their recording days and puts to rest all of the rumours that Ono was "constantly intrusive", as Paul McCartney once said. 

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