• Leni and Heidi Klum appear in new photos
  • The mother-daughter duo pose together
  • Heidi posts the pictures on her Instagram account

Leni Klum has proved over the last year that she follows in the footsteps of her famous mom, Heidi Klum. The 17-year-old often shows her talent for modelling with great photos or appearances on catwalks, and the mother-daughter duo recently appeared on the cover of Germany's Harper's Bazaar

Heidi shares new photoshoot pics of her and Leni

Klum took to social media with a special treat for fans. The model mom posted more images from the magazine photoshoot, showing once again how beautiful she and her daughter are. The pictures seem a bit older, because while Leni still has blonde hair in the images, she is now a brunette.

In the photos that Heidi shared on Instagram, she and Leni show their most enchanting sides to the camera. Leni can be seen in a beautiful, simple cream-coloured dress and her mother in a dream made of pink tulle. They dance arm-in-arm and grin at each other, and the photos can't help but make their fans smile.

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