Billie Eilish has finally opened up about her tattoos.

The 19-year-old actually has three of them, she told Vanity Fair this week. The reveal came as a surprise after Eilish previously insisted she wouldn't discuss her tattoos.

Billie Eilish says she has three tattoos in new interview

The hitmaker got detailed about her ink, too. One is her family name, Eilish, tattooed on her chest, she said. Another is a dragon on her ribcage, and the third is a fairy design on her wrist.

Billie Eilish Reveals She Got 3 Tattoos And 1 Is On Her Chest

Each of the tattoos carries a special meaning for the "Happier Than Ever" singer, who says she also has ideas for more body art in the near future.

Please watch the video above for Billie Eilish's explanation of her tattoos.