Britney Spears (39) has had enough! The singer takes to Instagram to share her anger in a new topless photo. The reason being, apparently, she recently received some comments from a doctor that she should go under the knife for a beauty operation.

"What is it with consultations for body improvements ???? Is it me or is anybody else offended by these experiences … maybe I’m extremely sensitive," she wrote under the photo.  

Britney Spears makes a clear statement - with a nude picture

In her post, Britney Spears also makes it clear that she would never undergo cosmetic surgery: "either way I would rather fall off a cliff than have a doctor tell me what he thinks is wrong with my body image." 

Britney ends her statement bluntly: "Kiss my white ass". The pop star is no stranger to posting revealing photos and videos of herself on social media. 

She covers her breasts with her hands, while only wearing white shorts. At a time when many celebrities go under the knife for eternal youth, Britney Spears stands out from Hollywood with these statements.

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