Heidi Klum (48) shows everything off on Instagram with a super-sexy bright orange look. Kim Kardashian's lingerie brand, SKIMS, is currently collaborating with the luxury brand Fendi - and Heidi is really promoting it.

Heidi charms the camera in a tight orange two-piece. The top is a tight high turtleneck with long sleeves, but the blonde still manages to show off her sexy figure from the waist down.

Heidi Klum poses sexy in tight panties in front of husband Tom

One thing we noticed in the series of photos is you can see her husband Tom casually working in the background. Even with Heidi posing on the floor, with pumps, flowers, or bags, Tom doesn't seem to be phased. Instead, he is plainly focused on his laptop. 

We applaud Heidi Klum for showing off he bold looks and promoting her friends in this gorgeous ensemble! She even gives her husband (and fans) a glimpse of her backside...