Heidi Klum (48) has long been known for her spectacular and elaborate Halloween costumes and proves every year that she is a master of disguise. It's not for nothing that the model and TV star is also called the "Queen of Halloween".

This year, the top model will celebrate Halloween in a very special way. Her costume this year consists of very little fabric and shows her dark side... 

In a light dress and high heels, the 48-year-old poses as a sexy zombie on two gravestones. The dress draws attention to her gorgeous long legs, and her pose shows off her entire figure perfectly! 

Heidi Klum wants a hot Halloween

Heidi Klum, who walked the runway in sexy lingerie for Victoria's Secret, knows what it takes to take an outfit to the next level. As a world-famous model, she is, after all, a professional and has no problem showing a lot of skin.

With her most recent sexy Instagram post, she also sends her husband Tom Kaulitz, who became known in his younger years with the band Tokio Hotel, a special kind of declaration of love.

The tombstones in the photo are each labeled with her name and her husband Tom's name. Heidi captioned the picture: "Until death do us part" and then tagged Tom. 

In any case, Heidi Klum's fans loved her sexy disguise and gave her over 50,000 likes for her photo. We're excited to see what Heidi will surprise us with for Halloween this year.

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