Heidi Klum (48) is the master of sexy outfits and she has once again outdone herself. In a figure-hugging yellow dress by designer Peter Dundas, Heidi shows a lot of skin!

Heidi Klum Covers the Bare Essentials With Her Dress

Heidi Klum's dress looks quite modest from the front with long sleeves and a high neckline, but it's the back view of the gown that is truly impressive. The sexy dress has a major cut-out with just a few laces holding the dress in place.

Her bare skin is exposed over her entire back, her butt, and even down to her thighs. It's clear Heidi is not wearing any undergarments!

The bright yellow dress really suits Heidi Klum in our opinion! She captions the photos, "This is my new favorite dress"! We have to agree!