• Kendall Jenner shares pics from new photoshoot
  • Jenner shows herself in a variety of different looks
  • One of the photos sees the model entirely nude!

Kendall Jenner has often appeared in sexy looks throughout her career and has made many revealing red carpet appearances. In one of the images from her latest photoshoot, however, the model completely exposes herself, as she does not wear any clothes at all.

Jenner poses naked in shocking new photoshoot

Jenner shared some pictures on Instagram that were taken during a photoshoot for i-D Magazine. In the first of the black and white photos, the model poses in a skimpy bikini on a diving board by the pool.

The next photo shows Jenner in a very different look, completely unrecognizable. This time, she's topless in an oversized blazer, wearing a miniskirt and cowboy boots. She suddenly has a short haircut too, which adds to the eye-catching look— however, this is probably a wig.

It's the third photo that has really caused people to gasp though! That's because Jenner is presented completely naked. She is lying on the floor against a plain background, with her leg and a shadow just barely covering her private parts. However, her breasts are completely exposed and uncensored.

Also interesting:

Jenner looks wickedly into the camera as she shows off her amazing body. However, it is questionable whether the photo will remain on Instagram for long, because nudity and especially female breasts are often quickly censored on the platform. Therefore, the model's followers should enjoy these images while they last!