Whether she's in the legendary meat dress or the Kermit the frog outfit - Lady Gaga (35) has worn some extreme looks over the years and truly lived up to her name. Lately, the singer has shown her glamorous side once again, on more than one occasion.

This time, however, she opted for a completely different style. In a new photoshoot, Gaga loses it all... when it comes to clothing that is.

Lady Gaga naked in Vogue: Posing nude

Lady Gaga poses completely nude for a series of pictures for the British and Italian Vogue magazines. The black and white photo shows the singer lying on her stomach. Your arms and legs are positioned so that only the most intimate parts of her body are covered.

The only thing you can see on the "Born This Way" singer is her gorgeous tattoos. With elegant smokey eyes, she looks deep into the camera and is sure to drive many of her fans crazy. Her extravagant blow-out hairstyle, reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamor, rounds out the look in a perfect way.

Lady Gaga seems to feel very comfortable in her body, and rightfully so. She doesn't shy away from posting stunning shots of herself on Instagram in bikinis, however, she also offered a more modest fancy look for the Vogue shoot. Channeling Marie Antoinette, Lady Gaga shows off a more familiar side to her fans.