Lenny Kravitz became world famous with rock hits like "Fly Away" and "Again" in the late 1990s. But the singer made a name for himself not only for his music but also for his revealing album covers. Kravitz was a top sex symbol of the day — and at 56 years old he's proving he still has a fit body now.

At age 56: Lenny Kravitz poses shirtless in new picture

On Instagram, Kravitz this week shared a revealing new picture where he's seen wearing only sweatpants. He also does without his usual sunglasses. Before a background of palm trees, the 56-year-old is carving open a coconut with a knife, showing off his bare torso, tattoos, and a well-toned six-pack.

Kravitz seems to be enjoying the tropical air far away from the winter cold. And fans are also going wild over the snapshot. "How you still look like this?" raved one commenter. Another fan quipped: "Thanks for the new screen saver!"

Kravitz, who has been unmarried since 1993, is currently spending time in Brazil, where the heat seems to be treating the 56-year-old well! For more, see Lenny's comments on his bond with his actress daughter Zoë Kravitz here.

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