New Pictures For Her Birthday: We've Never Seen Adele Like This Before

Adele is celebrating her 33rd birthday
May 6, 2021 - 18:45 / Sarah Schulz

For her 33rd birthday, Adele posted some rare photos on her Instagram account. Fans can look forward to three new snapshots of the singer in honour of her special day.

Adele celebrated her 33rd birthday on Wednesday and published photos on social media in honour of the occasion. It is rare for the singer to share something on Instagram. After all, her last post was 14 weeks ago. With that being said, fans were thrilled to see three new snapshots of the famous singer.

For her birthday: Adele surprises fans with a new Instagram post

In the first black and white photo, Adele looks very natural. Without make-up and with a slight smile, she looks off in the distance. In the second photo, the 33-year-old is just beaming, posing in a colorful outfit, and seems to be enjoying life to the fullest.

Similarly in the last photo, she dons a long dress while turning and swinging her blonde hair in the air. It almost seems like the singer is dancing through a doorway. One thing is certain: the last two photos, in particular, portray a fun-loving party mood.

Fans rave about Adele's new photos and wish the fifteen-time Grammy winner all the best. Below her post, there are tons of comments wishing her well! We are happy about the support and love of Adele's fans. The photos also emphasize that the British star has undergone a body transformation.

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