Since Nicole Scherzinger (43) really took off 15 years ago with the Pussycat Dolls and hits like “Don't Cha”, “Buttons” and “When I Grow Up”, everyone knows not only how talented, but also how sexy she is. Even when she was in a girl group, the singer's outfits were very revealing and she continues to show off her incredible body today!

On Instagram, Nicole Scherzinger shows off her super hot bikini body in new pictures by the pool.

Nicole Scherzinger poses in a super tight bikini

In a super tight bikini, Nicole Scherzinger seems to be enjoying herself by the pool. The singer enjoys the sun and the view of the sea, while showing off her amazing figure in the center of the photos. 

Her latest series of pictures on Instagram really impressed the 43-year-old's followers. The singer lays around the edge of the pool in seductive poses and shows quite a bit of skin.

While Nicole is enjoying the beautiful scenery, we have a clear view of the singer's toned backside. What a body!

Nicole Scherzinger is clearly in her element. She relates the hot snapshots to her zodiac sign, Cancer. She captioned the photos as follows: "As a Cancer, waters signs are in tune with their emotions, as well as everyone else’s. This makes them sensitive and intuitive. They are passionate, loving and very caring. Water signs are also creative and usually have a special love for the arts."