• Rihanna shares new photos on Instagram
  • She looks sexy as always, even pregnant
  • She showcases her baby bump in a lace-up top

Rihanna (33) is not only known for her music, but also for her fashion, which proves to be very sexy at times. Nothing has changed since her pregnancy! The singer is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky (33).

Rihanna's growing baby bump is now becoming the center of attention in her outfits and photos. 

Rihanna poses in a lace-up top

Rihanna shares a series of pictures of herself in a pretty revealing outfit on Instagram. Dressed all in black, the singer turns the underground parkade into a runway in the photos and looks phenomenal.

The centerpiece of her look is Rihanna's top, which is held together with strings that are laced up her body. Not only is her cleavage visible, but also her baby bump!

Also interesting:

In addition, the expectant mother combines comfortable leggings, a sporty jacket and high heels. Long gold chains draw even more attention to the superstar's baby bump. Dark sunglasses round off the chic look!

Rihanna's outfit is perfectly completed by the only splash of color - her deep red lipstick. We're excited to see what other exciting looks the 33-year-old will surprise us with during her pregnancy!