In 1992 Sharon Stone (62) had her breakthrough role with the thriller Basic Instinct. A simple crossover of her long legs drove everyone crazy. At the time, the actress was 36 years old. Today at 62, she has lost none of her former beauty. 

Sharon Stone super sexy in a tight bodysuit

Sharon Stone is still successful in the entertainment business to this day, both as an actress and as a model. In her latest post, she shows off her incredible body in a black bodysuit, an unbuttoned silk blouse, and high heels.

Her radiant smile particularly stands out. The fans and other celebrities alike are thrilled and can't believe that the Hollywood star is 62 years old.

In the photo, Sharon Stone poses for her friend and stylist Paris Libby. She writes: "I am not only astounded but grateful that I am still modeling at 62, La Dolce Vita, Thx to everyone who hired me this year." With this sexy snapshot, Sharon proves once again why her body is one of the hottest movie bodies of all time.

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