• Serena Williams announced the end of her tennis career in 2022
  • Even as a child she was on the rise
  • She's evolved so much

Serena Williams decided to end her career as a professional tennis player after more than 25 years. As she announced to Vogue in August 2022, she plans on trading in her tennis racket for her job as a businesswoman and mother after the upcoming tournaments.

Want to witness how the tennis superstar has changed over the years?  See it all in our video! 

The remarkable career of tennis superstar: Serena Williams

Serena began her professional career back in 1995 at the age of 14. Like her older sister Venus, she chose to enter the world of sports, but she had a rough start. It was not until 1999 that she was able to score her first major individual win

After her first success, things only went uphill for Serena. In the same year, she reached fourth place in the world rankings. Several injuries followed, yet Serena continued to fight her way to the top, sometimes alongside her sister, and sometimes even competing against her.

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In terms of style, the athlete also continued to develop and try out new looks off the tennis court. When it came to her hair color she was also extravagant choosing to go through life as a blonde

In 2002, she secured a victory at Wimbledon and passed her sister in the world ranking: she now occupied the top spot. In the period that followed, Serena had to deal with multiple injuries and failures. Her performance suffered. In 2009, however, she was able to fight her way back to the top of the world rankings and broke world records the following year.

Serena Williams: She is a wife and mother

She also found happiness in her private life: Serena Williams married Alexis Ohanian in 2017, and in the same year she announced she was pregnant with daughter Olympia. She even showed off her baby bump on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Due to her pregnancy, the star athlete put her career on hold for a while. But she also began to celebrate successes outside of the tennis court. She founded her own fashion label and enjoyed walking down the red carpet looking as elegant as possible. 

Serena Williams has become one of the most famous female athletes around the world, who can impress you even outside of the tennis court.