• Camila Mendes stars in Netflix series Riverdale
  • The actress got a new tattoo
  • She chose a fairy

Camila Mendes (27) has been playing the role of "Veronica Lodge" in the series Riverdale since January 2017. The actress was able to quickly win the hearts of the fans with her talent and regularly inspires her followers on Instagram with stunning photos and cool looks.

Camila Mendes has a new tattoo

Now Camila surprises with a special tattoo. The pretty brunette got a tattoo on her left shoulder. The piece shows a fairy with long hair, pointy ears, and wings, sitting with her knees pulled into her chest.

The studio "Kiju.ink" is where Mendes got the artwork done. Captioning the photo, "there’s no shortcut to explaining the significance behind this tattoo, so i’d rather not ruin it by trying to fabricate one for social media. all i can say is that this image resonates with me deeply and i’m beyond grateful to @kaiju.ink for turning my confusing word vomit into something far better than i ever could have imagined. i give you ~fairy in repose~"

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This is not Camila's first tattoo! The Riverdale star already has one on her rib that says "to build a home". Will the actress' new tattoo appear in the series?