• Bella Hadid makes hot new Instagram post
  • Hadid shows some skin while eating cake
  • Hadid's cake features her on Vogue cover

Bella Hadid has fans seeing double with a recent social media post! On Wednesday, Hadid took to Instagram to share some photos and videos of her eating a huge specialty cake.

Hadid poses for the camera with Vogue cover cake

Hadid looks incredibly happy about the sweet treat, which is designed to look like her Vogue cover. Wearing a funky midriff-baring top with draping sleeves that highlights her shoulders, she smiles while showing off her cake. Hadid can then be seen posing for the camera as she enjoys some of it herself.

The bottom part of the model's outfit is also revealing, as it appears to be no more than a bikini! This allows her to show off her gorgeous shapely legs. In one of the video clips Hadid posted, she can be seen eating cake off her fork, then sticks out her tongue while giving the camera a seductive look.

Also interesting:

Hadid's cake may be the main focus of her post, but she highlighted her accessories too! Wearing gigantic gold hoop earrings and a necklace with a unique geometric design, she really puts her jewelry on display in the last photo she shared. Hadid has been open about choosing not to use stylists due to her health struggles, which means this unique look was put together by her!