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The Gibb brothers made music history as the pop and disco band Bee Gees.

The iconic British group featured Barry Gibb and his younger twin brothers Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb. Bee Gees released over 20 albums across a 45-year career, but it came to an end in 2003 under tragic circumstances.

Bee Gees: Brother Barry Gibb is still alive today

Bee Gees disbanded when Maurice Gibb died suddenly in 2003 at the age of just 53. Sadly, Robin Gibb also passed away in 2012, leaving only Barry Gibb alive today.

Last-surviving Bee Gees band member Barry Gibb today.

Barry was the second eldest of five Gibb siblings, and he's now 77 years old. Since the 2012 death of his brother Robin, Barry has launched a solo career and has occasionally performed Bee Gees songs live by himself and with family members.

In 2016, Gibb released a solo album titled In the Now, described as a country-inspired pop album. Gibb told Billboard he was actually "ready to quit" music after the deaths of his brothers, but he eventually regained the desire to write new music as a solo artist.

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Singer Barry Gibb Today: New album Greenfields

Following the success of In the Now, Gibb in 2020 recorded a new record of country-duet covers of Bee Gees songs. The album, titled Greenfields, arrived in January 2021.

It features collaborations with names like Keith Urban, Dolly Parton, and Olivia Newton-John. Greenfields received favourable reviews and even topped the charts in Australia and the UK.

There's no slowing down Barry Gibb judging by the success of Greenfields and his continued media appearances today. 

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