Dua Lipa and James Corden have teamed up to perform a coronavirus-themed mashup! As Entertainment Tonight shares, Lipa appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, where she and the show's host sang about what it's like dating in 2020 in a parody of two of Lipa's hits.

Lipa puts on mask and sings about coronavirus

Lipa kicks off the song with a rewritten version of her song "Don't Start Now." "What a year for dating, crazy, nothing was the way it was." she sings while wearing a sparkly dress, performing onstage in a nightclub-like setting. She's then joined by Corden, who appears wearing sunglasses as he picks up the next verse. 

"People texting exes, sex pics from the basement at their mom's," he sings. The video sees Lipa and Corden dancing around and singing, while showing clips of the various scenarios mentioned in their lyrics. Lipa also puts on a bedazzled mask as she sings about coronavirus precautions, showing that people can still be fashionable while staying safe!


Lipa performs with Corden in socially distanced club

Lipa and Corden also took on Lipa's hit "New Rules," which was originally written about a list of rules for trying to get over an ex. "I got new rules for dating. Safety is stimulating," the duo sings in the song's chorus, emphasizing the importance of maintaining physical distancing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

"It's your neighbours you're saving. You'll get that touch you're craving," they continued. "Just follow these rules for dating." And while Lipa and Corden may be sharing the same space at several points in the video, the two are shown to still be observing social distancing measures!

In April, Lipa talked about spending isolation with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid, revealing that the pair was "learning so much about each other." She also released a trippy animated video for her single "Hallucinate," from her new album, Future Nostalgia. Check out Dua Lipa's clever parody mashup with James Corden here!

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