Ed Sheeran and Elton John's "Merry Christmas" is a huge hit, but it turns out there was a scary moment on the shoot for the music video!

Sheeran has revealed he "almost killed" his 74-year-old friend during what was thought to be a harmless stunt for the holiday-themed video. Here's what went wrong...

Ed Sheeran "almost killed" Elton John on new music video

In a talk with Zane Lowe, Sheeran said: "I almost killed him with a bell." He explained that, in the video, he kicks a gift box with a large metal bell atop it. When he did so, he says the bell "flew past [Elton's] head" and "nearly cracked him."

Ed Sheeran "Almost Killed" Elton John Making New Christmas Video

Sheeran said he was struck by "horror" while the bell was in the air, but it missed John. Together, they even rewatched the moment in slow motion, and they can thankfully laugh about it now.

Please watch the video above for Ed Sheeran's full story about his "Merry Christmas" music video with Elton John.