"Grease" remains a hit today!

Frankie Valli In ‘Grease’: The Singer’s Remarkable Career

Frankie Valli In Grease Career

Frankie Valli in Grease is among the talented singer's best career-defining moments. Getting his start in the 1960s with the Four Seasons, Valli continues to rock today. Watch the video above to learn everything you need to know about Frankie Valli in Grease

Frankie Valli in Grease would dominate 1978, and "Grease" has remained a popular song ever since. Before the film, the American singer was well-known as being the lead vocalist of hit band the Four Seasons.

After the film, Valli would see more success than he could have ever dreamed of. Take a look at Frankie Valli in Grease in the video above!

Frankie Valli In Grease Career

Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons in 1963