Gwen Stefani recently admitted that she doesn't know what lies ahead for No Doubt! Earlier this week, the singer appeared on Apple Music's The Zane Lowe Show to talk about her brand-new song, and shared how she feels looking back at her music catalogue.

Stefani shares she's been "reflecting" on past music

Stefani broke onto the music scene as part of No Doubt decades ago, and the show's host pointed out that next year will be a significant one for the group! "And in 2022 you're reaching an anniversary or a milestone since the beginning of your musical career ... back in 1992 with your friends in No Doubt," he said.

The band's frontwoman called 30 years of No Doubt "a really big deal." She also shared that she's been "reflecting so much on all the music" they've made over the years, including hit songs like "Just A Girl" and "It's My Life". "When you're writing new music, reflect on everything that you've done," Stefani explained.

No Doubt attends An Evening with Women Benefiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center on May 16, 2015.

Stefani says she tries to write songs "every day"

Stefani also called it "surreal" that the band is approaching nearly three decades together. And while she admitted there currently aren't any plans for them to reunite, she isn't sure what could happen down the road! "I have no idea what the future holds with that," she told Lowe. "You know what I mean? It's impossible."

No Doubt has been on hiatus since 2013, during which time Stefani has focused on her career as a solo artist. And last October, she got engaged to country singer Blake Shelton! Stefani— who recently dropped her latest single "Slow Clap,"— opened up about writing music in current times. "It feels like we're kind of in a new place," she explained, saying that she tries to "write new music every day."

Stefani also mentioned how the way songs are shared with the world has changed, since there's an immediacy that didn't exist when No Doubt began. "But what's so great about now is you can put music out and write at the same time," she said, "that's just like, that's the new school, and we didn't have that before so it's kind of exciting." 

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