Gwen Stefani has turned some of her biggest hits into country songs! As Entertainment Tonight reports, on Monday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Stefani took part in a parody sketch that saw several of her iconic tunes reimagined in a totally different genre.

Stefani's fake country album advertised in sketch

Stefani's fun segment with Fallon was set up like an infomercial, meant to advertise a fake country album from the No Doubt singer! "If you're like me, you love the sweet sounds of down home country music," Fallon explained as salesman "Buck Pinto," "but if you're also like me, you love the rockin' music of multitalented superstar Gwen Stefani."

"Problem is, you got to choose one or the other," he continued. "Well, not anymore, thanks to this new album, Gwen's Gone Country." Fallon then held up the cover of the fake record, which shows Stefani standing in a field, decked out in a denim outfit and cowboy hat. As "Buck," he told fans of Stefani that if they "like your ska and pop by the way of the south," then they'll enjoy the album!

Gwen Stefani is interviewed by host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on February 15, 2017.

Stefani proves No Doubt sounds good as country

Stefani herself then appeared in the sketch, wearing a stunning cowgirl-inspired outfit as she performed some No Doubt songs with a country twang! As Entertainment Tonight mentions, the singer began with "Don't Speak," before then taking on "Spiderwebs" and "Hollaback Girl"— all of which surprisingly worked with the genre!

While Stefani sang, the background behind her showed an array of Western-themed visuals to match the concept of the sketch. "Order today! There's no doubt you'll love it," Fallon is then seen saying as "Buck" at the end of the sketch. Gwen's Gone Country may not be a real album, but Stefani has dipped into country music thanks to her boyfriend, Blake Shelton!

The pair— who Dua Lipa mistakenly thought were married— have become partners in music as well as love. They teamed up for a new song together in July called "Happy Anywhere," and Shelton popped up at Stefani's show in Las Vegas back in February to sing their first duet, "Nobody But You"!

Check out Gwen Stefani's country-themed sketch with Jimmy Fallon here!