Mac Miller's talent was palpable in every piece of art he produced and every concert her performed. The self-taught musical genius worked hard from a young age to rise to the heights he did.

Mac Miller's Amazing Career

Mac Miller may have only lived to 26-years-old but in that short amount of time, he produced an immensely impressive body of work. Born January 19th, 1992, Mac was wildly talented right away, even learning the piano by age 6!


Through hard work, perseverance, and mastered talent, Mac Miller rose to fame and was able to spread awareness about mental health through his lyrics. From his mixtapes to topping the charts, check out the video to learn more!

Jim Carrey is known for his role as "Ace Ventura" in 1994's 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective'.

From silly to serious...

Jim Carrey's Tragic Life Story