Did you know he turned down a very iconic role?

Kenny Loggins: What Is the "King of the Movie Soundtrack" Doing Now?

Kenny Loggins: What is the "King of the Movie Soundtrack" doing now?

Kenny Loggins aka the "King of the Movie Soundtrack" is considered to be one of the greatest musicians of all time and we couldn't agree more! The 73-year-old American singer and songwriter is still very active in the music industry! Let's find out what he's doing now...

We bet you have listened to Kenny Loggins's "Footloose" or "Danger Zone" from Top Gun at least once in your life! The 73-year-old Washington native's music is best known for appearing in several classic films - no wonder why he has been named the "King of the Movie Soundtrack!"

The fabulous Kenny Loggins started his music career in the early 1960s. Do you know what he is up to now? Let's find out...

Kenny Loggins in 1981

What has Kenny Loggins been doing lately?

Kenny Loggins released more than 20 albums in the past few decades, both as a solo artist and alongside guitarist Jim Messina, including his debut album Celebrate Me Home (1971), as well as Back to Avalon, and It's About Time, from 1988 and 2003, respectively. However, his most recent work is the album Why Not (2015), featuring country music stars Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman, aka the Blue Sky Riders.

Kenny Loggins at Woodrow Wilson Middle School to Help Kids "Tear Up This Town" with brand new instruments, Glendale, California, 2017

Kenny Loggins has been working on different projects in the past few years

In 2018 Kenny Loggins received the Music Icon Award at the San Diego International Film Festival. He is not only known for his amazing work in rock and country music genres but also for appearing in several television shows such as Grace and Frankie and Family Guy, where he lent his voice to a caricature version of himself last year.

Kenny Loggins at The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences presentation of 'The Sherman Brothers: A Hollywood Songbook,' Beverly Hills, California, 2018

Five quick facts about Kenny Loggins

  • He turned down the offer to co-star with Barbra Streisand in A Star Is Born
  • He was nominated for an Academy Award for his song "Footloose"
  • Kenny Loggins has lived in his residence in Santa Barbara, California, for many decades
  • In 2013 he appeared in the video game Grand Theft Auto V playing himself as the host of a radio station
  • He has also released a number of children's albums and singles