Paul McCartney has given a 2020 edition of his favourite Beatles songs of all-time.

McCartney, 78, recently joined Zane Lowe of Apple Music to talk the release of McCartney III. The conversation inevitably shifted to the Beatles, and McCartney provided his latest answer to what his favourite Beatles songs are.

Paul McCartney lists favourite Beatles songs in 2020 interview

Poking fun at the often-asked question, Lowe said: "Did I ever ask you what your favourite Beatles record was? And did you swerve it?"

"I always swerve it," McCartney joked, before sharing the song he picks to dodge the question. "I always say 'You Know My Name (Look Up The Number),' which is a zany, zany little B-side that nobody knows. But we had such fun making it. It's like a little comedy record and I just remember the joy of making it," he said of the lesser-known 1970 track.

Getting down to business, he continued: "But there's a lot of songs that I love of the Beatles. I think 'Strawberry Fields' is a great song. I think 'Hey Jude' worked out great. I've got a lot of favourite songs. 'Blackbird' I love. 'Eleanor Rigby' I love."

Paul McCartney in 2020 Tonight Show interview with Jimmy Fallon.

All four of his picks are Lennon-McCartney songs, but John Lennon was the principal writer of "Strawberry Field Forever," while McCartney was for "Hey Jude," "Blackbird," and "Eleanor Rigby."

Paul McCartney reveals his most-listened-to Beatles song

In the interview, McCartney also named "Let It Be" as the Beatles track he's probably heard the most in his life, saying: "It's the most ubiquitous. It sort of got everywhere." Beatles talk begins around the 52-minute mark in the interview below.

McCartney had joined Lowe to talk McCartney III, which was released on Dec. 18 to critical acclaim. In another interview for the album, McCartney also reflected on the 40th anniversary of John Lennon's death, which he said is still "very difficult" to process now.

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